These paintings speak of two loves, color and music.

For many years I played the piano in the morning and painted in the afternoon, or I painted in the morning and played the piano in the afternoon. Sometimes I listened, sometimes I painted ... always the dual needs.

I was intrigued by the written scores and often before playing I would look and enjoy...exhilarated by the spacing, symbol relationships, patterns of light and dark the magic they contained. I was always painting.

Eventually the joy of painting seduced me...the scent of drying paint and wooden stretchers... the creation of color and marks, painting won. As I am a person of extremes, if I could not practice for four hours a day, I could not continue to play.However I kept the piano...kept the written scores, they were my friends.

Having been exposed the the structure of music and the elegance of its discipline, I could not just listen to music and paint my impressions and reactions. I had to find a definite connection between my two loves.

After five years of drawing and thinking, I discovered a method that allowed me to translate the written scores into patterns of color. The music that I love now inspires the art that I love and serve. They meet on the grid. The color patterns are supported by the grid which represents the lines and space of the score

I consider myself to be a representational painter of abstracts forms.